7 Tips to Create Lasting Change

How to get unstuck and move forward

Some people are unhappy with their lives, or their relationships, and yet they are unable to find the right path to help them make the changes they so desperately want and need.

There are ways to create lasting change in order to find whatever it is that an individual needs.

Coach Mike Basevic, a nationally-recognized behavioral strategist, performance coach, author, speaker and creator of No Limits, has advice to help people access their best performance through mental tools and habits. Read on to find out some of his tips to create lasting change in your life.

7 Tips to Create Lasting Change


Gain clarity of what your life looks like in every area when it meets your definition of happiness and stay focused on that picture every day.

Before you can achieve a goal or create your ideal life, you must know what that picture of happiness looks like to you as everyone's definition of happiness is different. Give some thought to every area of your life and if things were ideal, what does that vision look like? Then when you have that mental picture of your perfect life or the goal you want to achieve, stay focused there and only there. Write it down, re-visit it several times a day and stay focused on bringing what you desire into your life. Eliminate any thoughts and every conversation about what you don't have or what's wrong in your life. Develop the clear picture for your life and stay completely focused on it knowing you are magnetizing it into your life. For example, if you want a better body, focus on the body you want and only the body you want not on the current body you have that may not be in the shape you desire.

7 Tips to Create Lasting Change

Find the motivation

It's really important to find a strong reason to motivate you towards your goal. Get into the feeling place of what you want by finding a motivating factor that will drive you past any resistance when it shows up. For an athlete, maybe it's making the pro ranks or winning a championship. For a student, maybe it's getting into their dream college.

The key is to find the real reason you want to hit the goal, the reason that will always motivate you when you think of it, and the reason that will keep you working far past when you feel like shutting down.

Remember, people don't want the new car, they want the feeling of what it feels like to have the new car. Athletes don't want the championship for the trophy or the ring, they want the feeling you get when you have the trophy or see the ring. Find the feeling and find the motivation.

Believe that you already have everything you need in life

Since everything in the universe is energy, including us as humans, it's important to understand that we are attracting everything back to us in our lives. More succinctly, it's actually our internal state of being, in every area of our life, that is the magnet doing most of this powerful attracting.

You can think about the exciting stuff you want in your life, and walk around being positive all day but, if you are in a state of being that is not a vibrational match with what you want to manifest in your life, then you will never have it, no matter what. It defies universal law.

You must get into an internal state of being that matches what you want in your life. Your mental state of being is literally attracting the things, the people, the events, the circumstances and the experiences to you, every minute of every day. Confidence will attract more confidence. Success will create more success. Happiness will create more happiness. Fear will create more fear. Lack will create more lack. Resentment will create more resentment.

So, do whatever you can to get into the state of being that matches what you desire, then the results will follow. Your state of being is the cause; the physical results in your life are the effect.

Quite simply, whatever you expect in your life internally, will always happen externally.

7 Tips to Create Lasting Change

Bury the past

Leave the old baggage behind, stop blaming others, eliminate the excuses of why you don't have what you want, get rid of the tired old stories, make the commitment to have what you want, no matter what, and, never give up.

Many people tend to hang on to their past by telling the same tired stories of woe or failure over and over again. Then, when they keep failing, they can't seem to understand why. They also have a daily regimen of mentally regurgitating their past mistakes and heartaches or continually beat themselves up for bad decisions they've made in their life which is literally keeping them exactly where they are. If that's not bad enough, they are also quick to point out their weaknesses but not so quick to point out their strengths and good qualities. Or, maybe they are holding on to bitterness or resentment from a past experience that left a bad taste in their mouth or, they keep blaming their circumstances and the people in their life for the reason they don't have what they want.

Live in the moment

Live in the moment because it's only this moment that is real. Make peace with your past, learn from your mistakes, practice forgiveness instead of holding onto toxic emotions and make the clear decision and commitment to reaching your goal. Leave the future exactly where it is, in the future. Release the fear and anxiety about what might happen in the future, instead, stay in the present being certain of who you are and where you are going.

Honor your goal, commit to your goal and do what you can each day to move towards your goal.

7 Tips to Create Lasting Change

Trust the process

If you ask most people who have created amazing things in the world, they will tell you that they set the goal and had no idea how it was going to happen. They set the goal, believed they would achieve it and they didn't worry about how it would happen, they just knew it would.

With that in mind, your job is to set the goal or to know the end result and stay focused there with complete belief that it will happen because the end will always force the means. Don't try to figure everything out on your own, just take action today that feels good and keep moving forward.

Keep your eyes open

Pay attention to the signs. Listen to the conversations around you. Watch the ads or the book titles that come your way. Go to the restaurant or coffee house that keeps popping in your head. Walk with your eyes up. Don't dismiss the new person, friend, trainer or coach that comes into your life. Listen to the words of the songs on the radio. And most importantly, follow your gut and your inner voice that is telling you to take specific action.

You never know the journey you will need to take to get you what you desire so your job is to keep your eyes and ears open and allow the process to unfold perfectly. Finally, don't judge each occurrence as good or bad; if you are focused on what you want, with complete certainty you will have it then everything that is happening is perfect. Be ready.

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