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About LadyLUX

LadyLUX is an online luxury publication that seeks to spread the message of LUX. LadyLUX is giving new breath to the meaning of ‘luxury’, defining it by the art of knowing and loving thyself, living one’s dreams and passions and moving through the world authentically. The LUX network aims to create and interact with a community comprised of dynamic individuals to learn, share, and grow. The publication’s motto is “Good for The Sake of Good”, thus readers are encouraged to become change agents. The tasks associated with being an “agent” is to use one’s mind and voice to help fix what is broken in the world and empower the people in it to do the same.

LadyLUX Statistics

  • LadyLUX holds a Google PageRank of “4” and has 8,500 inbound links.
  • LadyLUX currently has 49,000 monthly readers with 72,000 monthly page views.
  • The average reader is a woman aged 28-36 with a college education.
  • 75% of our readers reside in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, and Dallas.
  • 25% of our readers are International, residing in London, Toronto, Singapore, Sydney, Hong Kong, Paris and Milan.
  • All of our editorial staff participate in social networks (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) as well as targeted, niche lifestyle networks.
  • We actively participate and publicly speak on issues regarding publishing, marketing and trends in the fashion and luxury industry.
  • The average duration of site visit is 3 minutes 20 seconds with a 26% bounce rate

LadyLUX Average Yearly Affiliate Statistics

  • Luxury Sale Conversions valued at $45k.
  • Annual Click-through Rate of 20,000.
  • Annual Orders of 144.

Advertising On LadyLUX

At LadyLux, we approach advertising differently. We believe that luxury lies in the details, and those details create an experience. We don’t want to intrude on our readers’ experiences with banner or text ads; instead, we integrate them into the experience, thus increasing their likelihood to engage with and purchase our advertisers’ products and services.

Product Features

For products, LadyLUX offers exclusive product features in our gift and product guide sections. Product features are monthly sections, therefor they change every thirty (30) days.

Featured Products are placed in one of our product guides, an individual web page and custom written copy based on the product information and details provided to us. All product pages are search engine friendly and support direct links.

The Guides: Currently we produce three guides a year, Haute for the Holidays, The Love Guide & Home Guide.

Email & Sponsored Editorials

Another principal we adhere to is Quality over Quantity. Therefore, we offer limited sponsored editorials opportunities. Editorial sponsors automatically receive email sponsorship.

Social Media Promotions

Are you developing or implementing an online marketing campaign for your product, website or service? If there is anything LadyLUX knows well, it’s how to be social. We are happy to partner with your company or brand to drive online awareness and interest.

Looking for a campaign? LadyLUX is part of an extensive network of influential fashion, lifestyle and beauty websites; we’ll work with our partners to create a custom online outreach campaign that will ensure the most effective use of your advertising dollars and achieve your marketing results.

To learn more about advertising opportunities or strategic partnerships, please email

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