Vancouver Eco-Fashion Week kicks off

With Vancouver Eco-Fashion Week at Robson Square kicking off yesterday, the fourth season of the eco-friendly affair is in full swing. This year’s non-profit event is showcasing 17 designers from April 10 to 12 and focuses on stimulating growth and development of sustainable practices in the fashion and apparel industry. While the industry may generate 300 billion dollars a year, it is also one of the most damaging to the planet and is sometimes referred to as the “waste couture.”

As awareness grows, the fashion industry is beginning to account for the well-being of the environment in its practices. Vancouver is known for its green initiatives, including those by independent designers who are committed to using recycled, organically grown and locally produced fashion. Celebrating these efforts, Eco-Fashion Week is dedicated solely to environmentally friendly local and international designers, including LRMA x London Alexander, Sarah La Greca, Indigenous and Myriam Laroche. The unique fashion week aims to further stimulate the growth of eco-conscious fashion, accelerate the industry’s rebirth into the environmental age and position Vancouver as the International Capital of Eco-Fashion.

In addition to the runway shows, the Eco-Fashion Week also offers talks and mini-conferences on the topics of sustainability, environmental awareness and best practice methods in eco-conscious clothing design and production. Special seminars will feature Myriam Laroche, founder of Eco-Fashion Week, discussing ways to give life to what already exists; Dave Olson from Hootsuite offering social media tools for sustainable businesses; and Laura Lalonde of Indigenous on the worth of fashion.

For tickets to the event, please click here.

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LadyLUX via Eco-Fashion Week

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