The Best Monthly Subscription Boxes

Gourmet food, beauty and fashion abound

Monthly subscription boxes come in nearly every variety available, whether you're into gourmet foods, fashion, cosmetics or vegan samples. Here are some of our favorite subscription boxes that are definitely worth giving a try.

The Best Monthly Subscription Boxes

Le Tote

This is a rental service that fills the gap between Rent the Runway with its special event rentals and Stitch Fix, which brings the dressing room into your home. For a flat fee of $49 a month you get unlimited access to personalized deliveries of trendy clothes and accessories. Anything you like can be purchased at a deep discount. Anything you don't like can be immediately sent back and a new shipment will be sent out the same week. With more than 80,000 items in Le Tote's closet, you're sure to find something that suits your personal sense of fashion.

The Best Monthly Subscription Boxes

Birch Box

Personalized beauty samples are delivered monthly for a mere $10 a month. Samples include beauty products from all different categories such as makeup, skincare, hair care and fragrance.

The Best Monthly Subscription Boxes

Vegan Cuts

If you want to sample vegan, cruelty-free brands, then this is the subscription box for you. Each month you'll receive 4-7 samples ranging from cosmetics to skincare, for $19.95 a month.

Peach Dish

Peach Dish is a meal kit subscription service with all of the fresh, local ingredients
you need to make a delicious dinner at home. You can personalize the contents of each meal, and each box, and order as many or as few meals as you want each week and month. Subscribers pay $12.50 per serving for each meal.

The Best Monthly Subscription Boxes

Love With Food

This subscription service features a monthly snack box that is organic or all-natural and each box sent includes a donation to a food bank. Most snacks are super healthy, such as unshelled almonds and kettle cooked apples, but there are a few decadent treats thrown in for an extra bonus. Subscriptions start at just $10 a month. LadyLUX readers can use this link to save 50% off the cost of their first $12 Tasting Box.

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