8 Refreshing Lo-Cal Smoothies

These smoothies are packed with antioxidants

A smoothie that's low in calories? Yes, it's true. These smoothie recipes make the most of healthy, low-calorie ingredients such as yogurt, berries, skim milk and protein powder so you can slurp away without worrying about your weight.

8 Refreshing Lo-Cal Smoothies

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Ginger, Berries & Oats Smoothie

This blend of oatmeal, low-fat milk and blackberries gets an extra zing from freshly grated ginger.

8 Refreshing Lo-Cal Smoothies

Creamsicle Breakfast Smoothie

This smoothie is a throwback to your childhood, with its iconic vanilla and orange flavor. The addition of coconut water, as well as carbohydrates and protein make it a balanced breakfast option.

8 Refreshing Lo-Cal Smoothies

Beginner Green Smoothie

This is a beginner smoothie in that it features more fruits - pineapple and banana - than spinach. But it's still green and still very good for you.

8 Refreshing Lo-Cal Smoothies

Raspberry Orange Smoothie

This unusual smoothie only has four ingredients - raspberries, kefir (or plain yogurt), orange juice and hemp hearts. Yes, hemp hearts. They're the perfect addition and in some ways, they are like chia seeds.

8 Refreshing Lo-Cal Smoothies

Mango Blackberry Smoothie

This refreshingly sweet and tangy smoothie blends mangos and blackberries for a drink that's beautiful and delicious.

8 Refreshing Lo-Cal Smoothies

Chocolate Banana Vegan Gluten-Free Smoothie

This blend of almond milk, banana and vegan chocolate chips is perfect for a guilt-free breakfast.

8 Refreshing Lo-Cal Smoothies

Cake Batter Protein Smoothie

This vanilla-flavored smoothie is festive with optional sprinkles. Consider it the perfect alternative to a real birthday cake.

8 Refreshing Lo-Cal Smoothies

Peanut Butter Berry Smoothie

Who said you can't indulge in peanut butter while watching your weight? This delicious smoothie combines creamy peanut butter with ripe banana and fresh raspberries.

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