10 Secret Skin Fixes From Your Kitchen

Serious nourishment for your skin and hair

If you're like us, your medicine cabinet is a veritable chemistry lab full of lotions and liquids intended to beautify. But forget about those products right now, because some of the best secret ingredients for glowing, gorgeous skin are already available in your kitchen.

Go ahead and simplify your skincare regimen with these 10 fixes from your fridge. Many of the foods you eat to stay energized and healthy have the same effect on skin and hair when applied topically.

10 Secret Skin Fixes From Your Kitchen

Coconut Oil

Just as you likely grab coconut water to recharge after a workout, coconut oil benefits your skin and hair. Coconut is one of the most hydrating fruits, and its oil restores moisture better than any beauty product out there. It penetrates the hair shaft and is perfect for deep conditioning, and it's great slathered on rough heels and elbows.

10 Secret Skin Fixes From Your Kitchen


Don't use up all the pineapple for fruit salad. Instead, slice the harder part of chilled pineapple into thin crescents and apply directly to the skin. Remove after 10 minutes and rinse with cool water. It will eliminate dark circles and redness thanks to the naturally occurring alpha-hydroxy acids and bromelain, which help get rid of dead cells and tighten loose skin.

10 Secret Skin Fixes From Your Kitchen


Make your own hydrating shampoo with honey. Mix three tablespoons of water with one tablespoon of honey. This all-natural shampoo mixture will cleanse and hydrate your hair without all the suds.

10 Secret Skin Fixes From Your Kitchen

Carbonated Water

This fizzy water is perfect as a final hair treatment and for removing split ends. After conditioning your hair in the shower, rinse out the conditioner with carbonated water instead of water from the shower. It will add an extra shine to your hair and help smooth split ends. The pH in the carbonated water helps seal ends so your hair is smoother and shinier when dry.

10 Secret Skin Fixes From Your Kitchen


Caffeine is great for reducing cellulite and improving circulation, plus reducing swelling. Use ground coffee as an eye treatment by creating a paste and apply it under eyes for three minutes and rinsing off. Or combine with sugar and coconut oil to make an exfoliating body scrub. Apply this in the shower and rinse off.

10 Secret Skin Fixes From Your Kitchen

Plain Yogurt

To keep your hair conditioned, whip up a nourishing natural yogurt hair mask. Yogurt contains antibacterial properties and protein that, when applied to hair, helps keep locks dandruff free, strong and deeply moisturised. For your natural hair mask apply plain yogurt to dry hair and leave for 15 minutes. Then rinse and the result will be beautiful, shiny tresses.

10 Secret Skin Fixes From Your Kitchen


Lemons have numerous uses for beauty treatments:

Clarifying moisturizer - Mix a few drops of coconut water with a few drops of lemon juice to hydrate your skin as well as clear and brighten it.

Elbow and knee bleacher - If your elbows and knees appear dark, simply rub them with half of a lemon.

Blackhead treatment - Lemons are antibacterial and can therefore treat acne. Slice a lemon and squeeze the juice on your face to fade blackheads.

10 Secret Skin Fixes From Your Kitchen


Papaya’s enzymes act as an exfoliant by removing dead skin cells and breaking down inactive proteins. Papaya can also help even out skin discoloration, which is ideal for a post-summer skin treatment. For an even more effective exfoliant, you can activate the enzymes with steam.

10 Secret Skin Fixes From Your Kitchen


Eggs have numerous beauty uses. Mix honey and egg whites with sea salt for a soothing body scrub.

It also works as a facial. If you have dry or normal skin, apply one egg yolk to your clean face and when it's nearly dry, in about five minutes, wash off with lukewarm water. If your skin is oily, use the egg white instead, applying as a mask and rinsing off after it dries. They'll leave your skin soft and clean.

10 Secret Skin Fixes From Your Kitchen


The juice in this fruit is filled with nutrients that help regenerate cells. Blend the seeds and juice with almond or oat milk in a 1:1 ratio and then massage the mixture on the face, neck and hands for three to five minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water. This provides exfoliation and anti-inflammatory effects so the skin will be calmer and glowing afterward.

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