Perfect Winter Date Ideas

Spend a day in the snow with your sweetheart

Winter is the perfect time to go on a romantic date with your sweetheart. Bundle up and go on a sleigh ride, or make a snowman together in the snow. No matter your choice, you're sure to have fun during this special season with your sweetheart and a thermos of hot chocolate packed in your tote.

Perfect Winter Date Ideas

Go Shopping

It's fun to shop at any time, but taking your guy along for a holiday shopping trip adds a romantic boost to the day. And don't forget to take notes when you see him eyeing a cashmere sweater or surfboard - you'll want to know exactly what to get him for his holiday gift!

Perfect Winter Date Ideas

Christmas Light Tour

There's innate romance in the holiday season, and the perfect inexpensive date is an evening out touring your local Christmas light displays. Find a special, out-of-the-way neighborhood that he hasn't seen before, or visit a nearby city to see how they've decorated their town square for the season.

Perfect Winter Date Ideas

Winter Walk

Take a thermos of hot chocolate on a winter walk and you'll be set. After viewing the snowy scenes, you can find a cozy bench to sit and snuggle on.

Perfect Winter Date Ideas

Ice Skating

Haven't been ice skating since you were a kid? It's time to try it again. And don't worry - if you fall, he'll be there to pick you up.

Perfect Winter Date Ideas

Build a Snowman

Channel your inner child and build a snowman together. See who can roll their snowballs the fastest. There's nothing like a little competitive spirit to get a guy going.

Perfect Winter Date Ideas

Snow Sledding

What's better than going sledding as a kid? Trying it again as an adult! Grab a sled big enough for two, and enjoy.

Perfect Winter Date Ideas

Decorate the Tree

Pour the eggnog, light the fire, and enjoy a romantic evening at home decorating your Christmas tree.

Perfect Winter Date Ideas

Make Dinner Together

It's always fun to make dinner together. Even if one, or both, of you aren't gourmet cooks, there's always an easy recipe that you can discover together.

Perfect Winter Date Ideas

Cross-Country Skiing

Pack a picnic and enjoy a day of cross-country skiing. It's one of the best exercises to tone your legs and one of the most fun.

Perfect Winter Date Ideas

Take a Snowmobile Ride

The thrill of speeding along in a snowmobile will energize you both and make for an exciting date. But don't let him do all the driving - you need to take a turn at the steering wheel, too.

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