Organic Junk Food Nation

Organic junk food is an interesting concept. One the one hand, if you are going to indulge in “junk food,” then I can see the rational in buying the organic version. At least the crap is made with the healthier version of the same ingredients. The internal conflict alights and festers when the consumer is misled by the label and packaging and actually believes they are putting something healthy in their body, simply because it has “ORGANIC” in the title. It all stems from a lack of education; the average consumer has very little knowledge of nutrition and would not know that this organic label has little meaning. First of all, these products are still processed which is not good for the body no matter what is packed inside. Secondly, they are LOADED with sugar sugar and more sugar. Sugar causes diabetes. This sugar is just organic. Last, it is important to acknowledge that the FDA regulations of what allows a product to fall into the “organic” category and use it in the label are practically slim to none. This means that the organic orange juice you buy thinking it is the healthiest alternative may be basically the same as the frozen canned version only the added sugar is organic.

Ok, now that I have thrown in a little of my own two cents and hopefully increased everyone’s awareness just a bit, there are some new products on the “organic” market to check out—

POP Alongs—not baked, not fried, popped. Wheat free and made with whole grains. LadyLUX actually munched on a bag last weekend during an LA fashion show and was quite impressed! We would buy these to snack on—not a chip, better than a rice cake, and tastier than a soy crisp.

Organic PopTarts—Nature’s Path Frosted Toaster Pastries. Loaded with every kind of organic sugar possible from cane juice to molasses to honey, and even our favorite, organic dextrose. Confession, LadyLUX has been known to use this as a breakfast solution on those crazy mornings when you are running out the door to get on a plane for New York in time for fashion week…

Organic Cotton Candy. Bernard’s Spun City Certified Organic Cotton Candy. No artificial colors or flavors and supposedly delicious. Perfect for those nights you want to tap into those childhood memories at the carnival.

And my personal fave:
Flavr Organic Concentrated Drink. A great concept to avoid soda and sugar packed juice. Add the mix to spruce up the water that gets old sometimes. Add it to regular water for a lemon-lime, cherry or tropical flavored drink that is sweetened mostly from agave nectar. YUM…

Any recommendations on “healthy” organic junk food?

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