14 Simple Ways to Add Romance to Your Relationship

Spice things up with these tips

It’s always important to do the little things to keep the spark alive and add romance to your relationship. Whether you’re been dating six months, or married six years, it’s fun to show your partner that they’re appreciated and loved.

Here are 12 tips from our relationship experts on how to make your guy feel special. And don't tell him we said so, but of course it's not all about him. But keep in mind that if he's happy and feeling loved, then he's likely to reciprocate the affection and you'll feel good, too.

14 Simple Ways to Add Romance to Your Relationship
  1. Listen to him. Men usually require lots of encouragement and support in their many endeavors no matter how crazy you think they are. Listen to him and at the right time, ask questions without criticism. He will become confident.
  2. Flirt with him. He is surrounded by other women in his life that are dressed up, smart and engaging. Your man want a partner that is his flirtatious, sexy, lover because it will make him feel like the man he was created to be.
  3. Do stuff with him. Although it’s good for your man to have his guy time, every husband desires a partner in crime like Clyde had Bonnie. In addition to doing things together that you enjoy, branch out and do things that he likes that you might not – he will appreciate the effort and adore you for it. One guy once admitted that he knew his wife was the woman for him when they were dating, and she patiently sat through a few Sasquatch videos with him. He said he knew any woman who would do that, without complaining, was wife material.
  4. Give compliments. Let him know if he looks handsome or sexy. It can be easy to forget to do sometimes, but it's a simple way to let your partner know you are into them. Men don't get compliments nearly as much as women, so it really stands out for them when someone compliments their appearance.
  5. Brag about him. When you're out with friends, brag about how smart he is, or something fantastic he accomplished at work. He'll love that you noticed, and that you're proud enough of him to brag to your friends.
  6. Send flirtatious text messages. Sure, go ahead and sext him a little. He's your partner, and getting a naughty message from you in the middle of the day will make him think about what's ahead for your evening together.
  7. Touch him. Go ahead and touch his arm, his hand, his leg, during the day and evening, as you're talking, or walking down the street.
  8. Schedule date nights. The dates you schedule can be something as simple as a movie, or cooking a nice dinner together. The point is that you make time to spend together, alone. Even if you've been living together for years, you must make time for each other.
  9. Give little gifts. If you see something small while out shopping and think of your partner, buy it. These little gifts don't have to be extravagant. For instance, was he talking about craving a certain candy not that long ago? Getting small gifts is a nice surprise and it will show your partner that you pay attention.
  10. Leave love notes. The letters can say something as simple as, “I'll be thinking of you today.” They don't have to be long and poetic, just a cute or romantic sentiment to your partner. Put the notes in fun hiding spots for your partner to discover.
  11. Be affectionate. Hold your partners hand while you walk somewhere, put your head on his shoulder while watching a movie, give him a quick kiss. However you prefer to show affection, it's up to you. A little (publicly appropriate) PDA never hurt.
  12. Be spontaneous. Spontaneity is always great for adding romance to your relationship. Maybe make a plan to take your partner somewhere they've always wanted to go, and surprise them.
  13. Give a massage. Offer a foot rub or a back rub when he’s tired without him having to ask so that he can feel completely relaxed and loved around you.
  14. Wear something sexy. Sure, it’s an easy one, but it works. Wear something new and sexy in the bedroom to spice things up and surprise your partner. No man has ever complained about seeing his girlfriend in lingerie.

And remember, the best way to add lasting romance to a relationship is by cultivating emotional connection and intimacy. Emotional vulnerability and sharing deepens the couple bond. As a result, genuine romance naturally develops and blossoms. No one likes to feel that efforts to spice up a romantic relationship are contrived. This actually undermines a true couple connection. Emotional intimacy creates a trusting environment in which both individuals can express themselves more fully and where love and romance flourish, said Anita Martin, MSSW and creator of Love Magazine.

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