Wellness Wednesday: 10 Ways to Detox Your Home

Through the air that we breathe, the food we eat and the products we use, we come into contact with numerous toxins on a daily basis that are harmful to our health. In honor of Earth Day, pledge to make some simple eco-friendly changes around your home that will help not only the environment, but also your well being! Here are ten ways to start detoxifying your home today.

Detox Your Home: All Natural Cleaning Products

Cleaning Products

We’re conditioned to believe that the only way to achieve a clean and germ free home is by using mass marketed cleaning products, but this is not the case. Get rid of these health-damaging chemicals and use basic and natural ingredients you probably already have around the house like vinegar, baking soda, plain soap and lemon juice.

Avoid Plastic

Plastic and plastic containers contain Bisphenol-A and can migrate into your food when stored causing thyroid and hormonal problems and even cancer down the road. Switch to glass containers, eco friendly bags and never microwave food in plastic containers.

Detox Your Home with Open Windows

Open Your Windows

Did you know that indoor air is typically about 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air? Insulation, carpeting and the chemicals we use throughout our home create a toxic environment and stale air. Keep air as clean as possible by opening windows to ventilate.

House Plants

Used for more than just decoration, houseplants help to get rid of air pollution built up in your home and balance internal humidity. Purchase a couple and place around your home to filter your air naturally and inexpensively.

Detox Your Home: Avoid Nonstick Pans

Ditch Non Stick Pans

Teflon, Silverstone and other coated pans emit harmful chemicals classified as carcinogens when cooking. Ditch these immediately and opt for cooking with coconut oil instead.


Fabric softeners, detergent and dryer sheets are extremely toxic and harmful to the environment. Think about washing your clothes in these toxins and them sitting on your skin all day! Switch to eco-friendly and unscented versions.

Detox Your Home: Use Essential Oils

Be Aware of Fragrances

Did you know that air fresheners, scented candles, perfumes and laundry soap are all loaded with toxic ingredients? Research shows a link to these toxins and fatigue, mood swings, hormonal imbalances and more. Switch to eco friendly options, unscented soaps or all natural essential oils for a hint of fragrance.


Be sure when painting to stick with non-VOC paints, known as volatile organic compounds. These are linked to cancer and other health harming side effects. Always paint with windows open for proper ventilation.

Detox Your Home: Filter Your Water

Filtered Water

More than 700 chemicals have been identified in tap water and contaminants can become gases at room temperature. To avoid these toxins, be sure to filter your drinking water and invest in a shower filter.

Get Rid of Pesticides

As you replace chemical cleaning products, be sure to replace lawn and indoor pesticides for natural ones that are better for your health such as salt and citrus sprays, mineral oils and baking soda.

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